What do I do if I receive a letter?
The first letter you should receive is mailed to you as a courtesy after we have received a complaint. It is intended to merely advise you that a violation of the Delano Municipal Code has been alleged. After receipt of the letter please contact the Code Enforcement Officer assigned the case at your earliest convenience to clear up any of the following:

1. The information in the letter is incorrect.
2. The violation no longer exists.
3. You don't understand some part of the letter.
4. You just need additional time to bring your property into compliance.
5. If you want to talk about your options.

Once the allowable time specified on your first letter has expired, and if you have not contacted the Code Enforcement Officer, an officer will inspect your property to verify the allegations.
If it is determined that the violation does not exist, the case will be closed and no further action will be taken. However, if a violation is found to exist, you will be notified by an "Official Notice To Comply." This notice will state specific code sections for which you are in violation, the remedies available to you, and any fines, charges and/or penalties that you will be assessed.
Please contact the Building & Safety Department as soon as possible. We will be happy to discuss the information outlined in your notice with you and to go over any and all options available to you. Our first priority is to bring violations into compliance through voluntary measures whenever possible.

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