Salvador Solorio-Ruiz

Council Term: 2020-2024

Delano Vice Mayor Salvador Solorio-Ruiz, a son of immigrants, is a first-generation college graduate. Sal’s parents immigrated from Vista Hermosa Michoacán almost 40 years ago in hopes of a better opportunity. Luckily, they found a home in Delano for Sal and his 6 siblings. Sal comes from fighters, like his Father who was a farm worker and his Mother, a Child Care provider, he understands the importance of hardwork and loving thy neighbor regardless of differences. Sal’s story is not unique, it is the story of the American dream. The idea of wanting a better opportunity for future generations. Sal is a part of the second graduating class of the Wonderful Academy in Delano. 


He attended California State University, Fresno and received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. After graduating, he returned to his hometown of Delano because he felt an obligation to help build up the community that raised him in Kern County. With the help of the community and power of young people, he is now one of the youngest council members in Delano. Sal hopes to inspire others to get civically engaged while at the same time, creating a prosperous life for central valley families. In addition to being Mayor Pro Tem for the City of Delano, Sal is a Community Engagement Coordinator with the California Health Collaborative, a non-profit funded by the California Department of Public Health educating communities on tobacco prevention, serves on the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District and on the Cal Cities Latino Caucus Public Safety Committee.

  1. Salvador Solorio-Ruiz

    Salvador Solorio-Ruiz

    Council Term: 2020 - 2024