❀ Helpers are vital to the success of many of our programs and events at the Recreation Department.
Without your help, we could not provide many of our programs that make a community to live, work, and play.

🌼 Experience 
     Spend some free time helping your neighbors at the Recreation        Department! Meet people, make friends, explore new interests          and make a contribution to your community.

    Opportunities range from a few hours on an occasional basis to       ongoing jobs that require specific skills and responsibilities.               Some of the areas where help is always needed are Sports               Programs, Community Centers and special events.  

❔ Who Can Apply?
  • Must be 16 years or older.
  • Must have a Valid California ID or Birth Certificate, Social Security Card.
  • Must have a personal bank account for direct deposits payments. (paying positions) 
  • Must have some experience in selected position. 
  • Relevant skills and training is desired.

 πŸ“‹ Volunteer / Employment Inquiry
 *Completed inquiry's may be summitted at the following Community Center locations during business hours.

πŸ“ Ellingtion Community Center
    925 Ellington St. Delano, CA 93215 
    Phone: (661) 721-3335
    Fax:(661) 720-9760

πŸ“ Eleventh Community Center 
    200 West 11Th Ave. Delano, CA 93215 
    Phone: (661) 721-3335
    Fax:(661) 720-9760

❕ Please note:
 * All those interested  MUST be fingerprinted and cleared with the Department of Justice before beginning volunteer service. (at no cost to the applicate by the Human Resources Department)

 * All information collected is confidential and only for the City of Delano Volunteer Program, which is managed by the City of Delano Human Resources Department. The City does not share information submitted by you with any other organization.