Reporting a Crime

What happens after I report a crime?

Many citizens have no idea what happens after you report a crime to the police department. We pride ourselves on providing prompt, caring, and friendly service. If we fail to meet your expectations we would like to know. Please contact the Watch Commander if you feel you did not receive a high quality level of service.

Once you report your crime to the police department, the incident will be investigated thoroughly. Here is what you can expect from us:
  • Proper reporting of all information given to us.
  • Timely completion of police reports.
  • Assist you in obtaining an Emergency Protective Order (EPO) for certain incidents.
  • Timely investigation of your complaint.
  • Correspondence with you regarding the status of your case.
  • Follow-up contact with you if additional information is needed.
  • Remain available to you to answer your questions.
  • Where applicable, assist you in preparing for court, or provide you transportation to court.
  • Provide a contact person to act as your advocate when needed.
  • Answer any questions you have regarding the incident you reported.
  • Explain the prosecutorial process to you irrespective of case status.
  • Testify in court when necessary.
  • Provide Crime Prevention tips and brochures.
  • Provide victim’s rights information.

Other Information