Delano Police Department

Citizen Comment and Complaint Information

How Are We Doing?

This is an important question that every public service agency asks their customers. The Delano Police Department is committed to providing the best quality service to our community. Oftentimes, citizens receive services from this Department and have no idea how to make a comment, either positive or negatively. The Delano Police Department welcomes your comments as well as your concerns. Should you have a comment or complaint, you may obtain a copy of our Citizen Comment / Complaint form in the following locations:

Online :

Once you access the online comment / complaint Form, you will need to print it out, complete it, and either bring it or mail it to:

Chief of Police

Tyson Davis

Delano Police Department

2330 High Street

Delano, CA 93216

In person: You may obtain a copy of the citizen comment / complaint form at the Delano Police Department.

Citizens with concerns are encouraged to speak with the on-duty watch commander in an effort to resolve your concerns. You may speak with the watch commander in person by coming to the Delano Police Department or provide a telephone number where he may contact you. Please be advised that if you come to the Police Department and the watch commander is not available, you will be provided an estimated time of his return to speak with you. You at that point may chose to leave your telephone number or come back when he is at the station. The nature of police work is one that situations change at a moment's notice. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

You can also make your comment or complaint known at a regularly scheduled or special meeting of the Community Law Enforcement Liaison Board.

How to File a Complaint / Comment

If you wish to file a formal complaint, it will be necessary for you to complete the Citizen Comment/Complaint form. Complaints will be taken by telephone, anonymously, or by mail. We will investigate all complaints to the best of our ability. A parent or guardian?s signature is required on any complaint filed by a person under eighteen (18) years of age. You may view a copy of the complaint procedure at the Delano Police Department.

How a Complaint is Handled 

If after speaking the on-duty watch commander your concern is not able to be addressed, you may desire to file a formal complaint. If you file a complaint, it will be sent to the Chief of Police for review and assignment to an investigating supervisor. Routine investigations are generally completed within 30 days however, based on extenuating circumstances, an investigation may take longer. You will be notified in writing that your complaint was received. You will also be notified of the results of the investigation.

Reportable Response to Resistance Reports (2018)

The Delano Police Department is committed to interacting with residents and resolving calls for service without having to use physical force.   No matter how hard we resolve to accomplish this goal there are times, albeit rare, when physical force becomes necessary.   When physical force does become necessary, the department is committed to the close monitoring of such force.  We believe this is critical in order to build and maintain the trust of our community.   To accomplish this, the department requires a review of each reportable use of force by a field supervisor.  Subsequent to this review, a Division Commander then “round tables” every use of reportable force with other Division Commanders and the Chief of Police.

Use of Force Analysis 2018