Animal Control

DogThe Delano Animal Control staff works hard to keep the City of Delano free of roaming animals, responding to animal complaints, and operating the Animal Control Shelter. While we are working hard in these areas, residents need to take responsibility for their animals to ensure that they are properly cared for and supervised. The Animal Shelter is located at the southwest corner of Cecil Avenue and Mettler Avenue at 1525 Mettler Avenue.

The Animal Control Unit operates 5 days a week. Please refer to the hours of operation which are posted below. Our dedicated staff responds to calls for service which include, but is not limited to, loose animals, animal bites, found animals, injured animals, etc. Currently, this unit has two full-time Animal Control Officers who respond to the above listed calls, while our Animal Control Supervisor oversees the care and cleaning of the animals we take in at the shelter.

We make every possible effort to ready all animals for adoption, and we have been very successful in our adoption / rescue efforts. To view some of the animals we have been successful in obtaining loving families for, or have rescued to other agencies, please visit our Animal Control Shelter.

Hours of Operation

The Delano Animal Shelter is open:

Covid-19 Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday
7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday by Appointments Only

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