The Delano Police Department is proud of our Volunteers In Service (VIS) Program. We have several volunteers who work within several areas of the department.

Within our Animal Control Shelter, these dedicated civilians work side-by-side with our animal control staff and perform many of the same duties; only they do it for the love of the animals. Currently, the department has four (4) such volunteers working within animal control. Not only do they clean facilities, feed, and care for the animals, they also work to assist us in adopting as many adoptable animals out to deserving families as possible. These volunteers have been instrumental in helping the Department obtain donations from local families and businesses to help improve the quality of life for each animal held at the animal control shelter.

In our patrol division we have volunteers who work closely with crime prevention to patrol our city streets to identify inoperable street lights, graffiti, and provide business watch packages to the local merchants. The patrol division volunteers report to a sergeant who will assign them various duties, all of which are in support of the many services we strive to provide for this community. Our patrol division volunteers complete a volunteer academy prior to being placed into a volunteer position.

As previously mentioned in our community newsletter, we are always looking for new faces at our department that have a desire to volunteer. The Delano Police Department invites you to come take a tour of our facility, speak with our staff, and see just how rewarding working as a volunteer can be, and how good it feels. If you have a special talent such as construction, electrical, drafting, animal handling, public speaking, or just want to help we would like to hear from you. Volunteering is easy, fun, and a great way to share experiences, knowledge, and get to know the faces of the men and women of the Delano Police Department who provide services to you daily.

Should you be interested in volunteering, please contact Corporal Trigo at (661) 721-3377 to get the process started.