Patrol Division

The patrol division is the workforce and backbone of the department. It is the largest division within the department and operates 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The men and women of the division are dedicated and committed to provide high quality police service in a diverse and striving community. Our mission is to maintain a professional workforce to enhance the quality of life through community partnership with an overall goal of reducing crime, minimizing fear, preserving peace and improving traffic safety. The patrol division incorporates specialized units such as K-9 and traffic enforcement, both invaluable resources to keep the community environment peaceful where our residents can learn, work, and play. 

The make-up of the patrol division are the men and women in navy blue uniform patrolling the streets in a black and white police car. They respond to the calls for service and are the first responders to arrive on scene. They are available around the clock: in the sweltering heat, cold, rain, or shine- they respond to a variety of calls to include thefts, missing persons, burglaries, domestic disputes, welfare and business checks, traffic accidents, and emergency 911 calls. They are the workforce of this department and are the guardians who safeguard our community with integrity and honor.     

  1. Velasco

    Cecilio Velasco

    Patrol Division Commander
    Phone: 661-721-3377 ext. 1212