Vision statement, Mission Statement and Mesasurable Goals

Delano Vision Statement

The City of Delano is a vibrant community where residents enjoy a peaceful environment in which they can learn, work, and play.

Delano Police Mission Statement

The mission of the Delano Police Department is to maintain a Professional Workforce dedicated to the enhancement of Quality of Life through Community Partnership with an overall goal of Reducing Crime, Minimizing Fear, Preserving peace and Improving Traffic Safety.

Measurable Goals

    • Decrease Priority 1 Response Times by 5% in CY20
    • Reduce Gang Motivation Shootings by 10% in CY20
    • Reduce Property Crime by 5% in CY20
    • Reduce Violent Crime by 5% in CY20
    • Reduce Injury Collisions by 7% in CY20
    • Establish 4 DUI checkpoints in CY20
    • Establish 3 Neighborhood Events in CY20
    • Establish 4 Resident's Police Academies (English and Spanish) in CY20
    • Increase funding through 3 separate Grant Program in CY20
    • Establish a baseline for Employee Satisfaction